Services Division

The Services Division provides a multitude of services that complement the Patrol Division and coordinates community relations for the Beverly Police Department. Within the division are the Domestic Violence Unit, the Crime Analysis Unit, the Public Information Unit and the Training Unit. The division is also responsible for fleet maintenance, equipment management, training, and other areas that support the Patrol and Criminal Investigation Divisions.

A Stronger Community Through Partnership

The Beverly Police Departments community policing partnership includes individual citizens, neighborhood groups, government agencies, private businesses, and the police. The combined efforts of all of these participants identify problems, utilizing citizen surveys, crime analysis, formal program evaluations and neighborhood meetings.

This close community policing interaction enables both our officers and the city's residents to work together in achieving mutual goals, such as problem solving, crime prevention, target hardening, and developing a combined mutual neighborhood understanding.

Captain Richard Russo is the Services Division Commander and can be contacted at 978.605.2518.


Domestic Violence Unit

Public Information/Education Unit

Crime Analysis Unit

Training Unit

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