Patrol Division

The patrol component of law enforcement represents the most visible aspect of the criminal justice system, and is the frontline in the battle between law & order and those who would compromise such. Patrol officers are highly-trained, competent professionals who must rely on their specialized skills daily to overcome tough and tense situations. Each patrol officer understands that he or she may be asked to make a split-second, life or death decision in order to protect the public that he or she serves, and that such decision will be scrutinized endlessly. Society rightfully expects a very high level of service and performance from patrol officers, and the Patrol Division of the Beverly Police Department strives to provide such level of service and performance to our citizens.

The Beverly Police Department continues to embrace the Community Policing approach to law enforcement. We continue to meet with citizen groups in all neighborhoods of the city, as this allows police officers to interact with citizens in an informal group setting, and to focus on neighborhood concerns that police need to be aware of. The new concept of “police liaison” that has been implemented in the specific areas of airport, elder services, hospital, public housing, and schools has been significant in focusing police attention on targeted problems. The concept of Directed Patrols, which relies on comprehensive statistical analysis of potential problem locations, as well as daily citizen input regarding specific problems within a particular neighborhood, has been introduced and direct patrol officers to provide uniformed coverage of specific areas within their patrol sectors. Citizens are able to observe the increased visibility of patrol coverage at locations that are perceived as potential problem sites.

The Patrol Division is comprised of three divisions: Division I (nights), Division II (days) and Division III (evenings). Division II and Division III receive additional assistance from the Traffic Department which operates from 7:30 a.m. to 11:45 p.m. During an average shift, each Division is commanded by one Officer in Charge (Lieutenant), and one Patrol Supervisor (Sergeant). These supervisors are responsible for ensuring immediate police response to emergencies, preliminary investigation of criminal activity, directed patrol, identification and apprehension of criminal suspects, etc., by the patrol division.

The Officer in Charge or Patrol Supervisor can be contacted at 978-921-6041.

Capt. Michael Devlin is the Patrol Division Commander and can be contacted at 978.605.2516.

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