1/10/18: Beverly Police are investigating a report of the so-called “Grandparent Scam” in which a Beverly Resident was told to complete a $60,000.00 dollar wire transfer. The victims of the scam contacted police after wiring $60,000.00 from a personal bank account into an account provided by the caller. In this particular instance, the victims received a frantic phone call from a boy crying leading the victims to believe it was a grandson. The caller told the victims that he had been arrested in another state after an Uber he was riding in was stopped by police and found to have narcotics in it. The caller goes on to state that he needs $60,000.00 for bail. After ending that phone call, the victim received a second call from a male party claiming to be an attorney from the state where the arrest is said to take place. This caller states that the money will be used to secure legal services and get the arrestee out on bail. After wiring the money, the victim received several phone calls from the alleged attorney updating the victims on their grandson’s status. After reporting this to police, Officer Dana Nicholson, and Detective Joshua Pickett began to investigate and due to their quick actions, were able to recover $54,000.00 dollars back for the victims. At this time, charges have yet to be filed, and the investigation is on-going.


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