8/24/17: Collaboration and intelligence sharing among area police department narcotics divisions has led to several arrests over the past week, culminating in the Beverly Police Drug Control Unit’s arrest of Jason A. Patten 35, Cabot Street Beverly on charges of trafficking cocaine, possession with intent to distribute Class B Oxycodone, and crack cocaine, possession with intent to distribute Class E Alprazolam, and violation of the city knife ordinance. Detectives from Beverly, Danvers, Middleton, and Ipswich initially arrested Patten after observing a suspected drug transaction which, led to the recovery of Oxycodone pills, crack cocaine, knives in violation of the city ordinance, and a significant amount of currency. Detectives executed a search warrant of Patten’s residence where they further recovered drugs, knives, and currency. Recovered and seized as a result of the arrest was approximately 92 grams of cocaine, approximately $21,000.00 in U.S. currency, dozens of Oxycodone and Alprazolam pills, knifes including a double edged machete, cell-phones, digital scales, and a Lexus. Beverly Police Detective Sergeant Michael Cassola, Detectives Thomas Nolan and Joshua Pickett, Danvers Police Detective Sergeant Robert Sullivan, Detectives Timothy Williamson, and Eric Clarizia, Middleton Police Detective Adam Macini, and Ipswich Detective Ted Gallivan all led the successful operation. Mayor Michael Cahill stated, “I want to thank and congratulate members of the Beverly Police Department's Criminal Investigations Division, along with our partners in law enforcement from nearby communities, who participated in this investigation and arrest. The cooperative work our law enforcement officers are engaged in is a critical piece of locally fighting this tragic and horrible opioid epidemic, which is affecting every corner of our region, our country, and our world. On behalf of our community, we are grateful for your diligence and professionalism - you are impacting peoples' lives in a very positive way”.


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