10/2/17: Beverly Police Officers responded to the area of the Veteran’s Memorial Bridge for the report of a jumper who was in the water. Upon arrival, officers were directed to the Harbormaster’s building by the reporting party where they observed a male Salem resident holding the left arm of a female who was still in the water several feet below the top of the dock. Officers quickly began to assist and were able to locate a rope which they tied and threw around the woman. The woman remained uncooperative during this rescue effort and made trying to lift her out of the water impossible. Officers then found a small boat and began rowing towards the woman but before they could get to her, officers that had remained on the dock with the assistance of the Good Samaritan from Salem were finally able to hoist her out of the water. The woman was suffering from a significant laceration to her right arm, as well as extreme hypothermia. Medics from Northeast Ambulance transferred the woman to Beverly Hospital. Chief John LeLacheur and Sergeant Lawrence Van Liere commended the reporting party and the Good Samaritan for their actions and heroism in saving the life of the female. They further commended the officers that responded for their professionalism, and teamwork in this difficult rescue. Responding to the scene were Sergeant Van Liere, Officers Justin Zwicker, Charles Twombly, Stephen O’Brien, and Kevin Thomasson.   

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