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The Beverly Traffic Enforcement Unit is part of the Patrol Division and is comprised of one Sergeant and one patrol officer. The Traffic Unit uses special equipment such as RADAR, LIDAR, an Automated License Plate Reader, and a speed monitoring trailer to enforce traffic laws in the City of Beverly.

The Traffic Unit is also responsible for parking meter enforcement, parking meter repair, and collection of monies from parking meters in the downtown areas. This assures downtown businesses that there is efficient turnover of vehicles so customers can park and shop downtown.

The goal of the Traffic Unit is to serve the community by enforcing the motor vehicle traffic laws of the Commonwealth, as well as, reducing the number and severity of accidents in the city. Most of the current enforcement programs are a direct response to community complaints regarding speeding and other violations. The ultimate goal is to foster greater traffic safety for motorist, bicyclist and pedestrians.

The Traffic Unit coordinates traffic enforcement initiatives with funding provided by The Executive Office of Public Safety and Security (EOPSS). These efforts allow for additional traffic enforcement coverage in specific areas at peak times throughout the year. Phases of the program include "Click it or Ticket", "Road Respect", and "Over the Limit, Under Arrest".

Officers in the Traffic Unit have participated in a variety of specialized trainings in order to do their jobs. Some of the specialized training includes motorcycle operation, RADAR/LIDAR operation, accident investigation, accident reconstruction, commercial vehicle enforcement and car seat installation.

Sgt. Michael Henebury is the Traffic Sergeant and can be contacted at 978.921.6051.

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