Beverly Police Thank Local Businesses for their Participation in Sticker Shock Program

On Tuesday February 19, 2013 at the Community Advisory Council (CAC) meeting, the Beverly Police Department recognized local businesses for their participation in the Sticker Shock program, which was designed to prevent the consumption of alcohol by minors. Local businesses that participated include Alexander's, Chrispy's Liquor & Lottery, Henry's Wine Cellar, North Beverly Food Mart, One Stop Market on Cabot St, One Stop Market on Rantoul St, and Ryal Side Liquors.

The program, which ran from December 1, 2012 to January 1, 2013, was a joint effort between the Beverly Police, the CAC, the City of Beverly, and local businesses and involved the placing of signs in visible areas around the store and stickers on alcoholic beverage products in order to deter patrons from purchasing alcohol for minors. The stickers and signs were designed by Beverly High School art students.

The Beverly Police would like to thank the local businesses that participated and CAC sub-committee members Michael Wilson, Jan Kinkopf, Elizabeth "Beebe" Meyer, Darcy Jutras, and Pat Zingariello who's commitment to the program made it a success. Their participation demonstrates their commitment to the well being of our youth and a safe Beverly overall.

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