Woman Threatens Lives of Police Officers and Firefighters and Threatens to Blow Up Public Buildings

On Wednesday November 14, 2012 at approximately 11:00 AM several Beverly Police officers received threatening emails from a Gmail account. The emails expressed an intent to kill police officers and damage police vehicles, and targeted nine specific officers, including Police Chief Mark Ray. Approximately one and a half hours later, these same officers received another email advising them to “be warned because beverly hospital is also on the list to be blown up,” and the suspect identified themselves a “frequent flyer” with the police and the hospital stating, “you have all dealt with me” and “i have so much anger towards you people,” then ending the email with, “fyi, i am very close to ur station right now and ill know if any of you come out!” Beverly Hospital was immediately notified of the threat and the hospital was placed in lockdown, limiting access to the building.

As investigators worked to identify the suspect, a third email was received at approximately 3:00 PM. In this email, the suspect demanded that each officer named in the previous emails bring $100 in an envelope, with names on the envelopes so the suspect would know who complied, to the Beverly Public Library between 8:00 PM and 8:00 AM and leave the envelopes behind the book drop in the parking lot. The suspect stated that if one officer failed to comply then “a police car gets damaged with one of you in it.”

At approximately 7:45 PM Deputy Fire Chief Peter O’Connor reported that he received a threatening email from the same Gmail account. The email stated, “your now on a list to be killed and your fire station is going to be bombed unless you do as a say and believe me the police station and hospital is also on this list with a list of people who work at those places.” The suspect went on to demand $500 from Deputy Chief O’Connor with the same instructions detailed above.

Investigators continued working through the night trying to obtain information from Google and other internet service providers while patrol officers made regular checks of Beverly Hospital. Detectives watched the Beverly Public Library book drop on Thursday morning and, at approximately 7:30 AM, they observed a female approach the book drop and deposit a book. She then slowly walked away but kept looking back at the book drop. This female walked slowly to Essex Street towards the front of the library but after a few minutes, returned to the parking lot. She sat on a bench but kept looking towards the book drop. After observing her for a while, detectives made contact and identified the female as Ashley Galvin, 20 years old, of 15 Broadway in Beverly. Detectives questioned her but, at that time, did not have enough evidence to take her into custody.

As the investigation continued, emails continued to be received stating, “i guess you dont care about other people except your self cuz now that you didnt do as i asked a building will burn. hope you can save it in time. and remember ITS YOUR fault not mine” and “u guys really undercover cops every where well im not stupid i see everything i have eyes everywhere.” The Massachusetts State Police were alerted of the on-going situation and began assisting with the investigation, as Lt. Governor Tim Murray was listed as a recipient in the email regarding “undercover cops every where.”

At approximately 12:11 PM, officers received an email from the suspect with a picture of the inside of the Beverly Public Library attached. The email stated, “where is this pic taken if you recgonize this location you'll know where and how close i am to you you have 5 mins till i do what i promised yesturday if you didnt do as i asked last night and none of you did so a promise is a promise and i dont break them.” Several officers responded to the library immediately and locked down the building, not allowing anyone in or out. Ashley Galvin entered the library as officers secured the building but immediately tried to leave upon seeing the police presence. Detective Jeff Tache, having recognized Galvin from the earlier encounter, asked Galvan if she had taken any pictures in the library today. She replied, “just one” and agreed to show Detective Tache, who immediately recognized the picture as the same one attached to the email officers received.

Galvin was taken into custody without incident and then agreed to speak to investigators. Galvin admitted to sending the emails and stated that her primary motivation was perceived unjust treatment from police, fire, EMS and hospital personnel over the last few months, stating that her victims were picked at random. After speaking to Galvin at length, investigators also learned that she had attempted to email President Barack Obama, the FBI, and Governor Deval Patrick, to advise them of the situation. They also learned that the library picture attached to the email was supposed to be a picture of the front of city hall, taken from Dunkin Donuts on Cabot Street, and was meant to draw police to the Dunkin Donuts while she went to the Library to start a fire in the bathroom.

Ashley Galvin is charged with ten counts of threats to kill, ten counts of threats of extortion, and one count each of threat to bomb a police station, threat to bomb a fire station, and threat to bomb a hospital.

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