On June 14, 2013 Officer Tom Nolan was patrolling the Gloucester Crossing area of the city when he observed a Nissan Altima with very dark window tint turn from Ropes Street onto Simon Street. Officer Nolan activated his emergency blue lights to effect a traffic stop of the vehicle for a window tint violation. The Nissan pulled to the side of the road but would not stop. The vehicle finally came to a stop on Herrick Street. Officer Nolan identified the operator as Leonardo Reyes, 24 of Salem, and the passenger as Rudy Reyes, 20 also of Salem. Officer Nolan suspected both men were attempting to secrete drugs by swallowing them and ordered both men out of the vehicle. Once out of the vehicle Officer Nolan was able to recover 2 small twists of cocaine from Rudy Reyes. A Search of the vehicle led to the retrieval of 11 more corner twists of what was believed to be cocaine. Also retrieved, was $1717.00 cash from the vehicle, an additional $253.00 from Rudy Reyes and $360.00 from Leonardo Reyes. In total Officers seized $2,330.00 in cash and approximately $950.00 worth of cocaine.


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