On September 30, 2013 Beverly Police Officers arrested Hector J. Rodriguez 19 of Beverly, on charges of possession with intent to distribute Class B Methamphetamine and possession with intent to distribute Class D Marijuana following an incident at One Stop Market on Rantoul Street. Officer Nolan was attempting to conduct a field interview of two males in the area of Rantoul and Pleasant Streets believed to be involved in a previous incident that is currently under investigation. While conducting the interview, one of the males identified as Rodriguez walked away from Officer Nolan and continued down Rantoul Street and into the One Stop Market. After completing the interview of the other involved male, Officer Nolan along with Officer Mark Panjwani proceeded to the One Stop Market. While entering the store, Officer Nolan observed Rodriguez duck down in between an aisle in the store. After observing this, Officers attempted to talk with Rodriguez whom had ducked down in the pet food aisle of the store and initially ignored Officers before finally engaging them in conversation. Rodriguez told Officers he went into the store to get a snack. After allowing Rodriguez to leave the store, Officer Nolan believing that Rodriguez may have secreted something in the aisle where he had been ducking down checked the aisle. Officer Nolan recovered 2 bags of Methamphetamine from where Rodriguez had been. Officers, then found 5 individual bags of marijuana on Rodriguez’s person. Also assisting in the arrest was Officer Antonio Diruzza.


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