March 17, 2014: Beverly Police Arrested, Hector Dejesus, 20 and Joshua Delgado-Peralata, 23 both of Lynn and charged them with possession with intent to distribute cocaine. Dejesus was additionally charged with operating after license revocation, speeding, and forging/misusing a registry document. Delgado-Peralata was additionally charged with giving false information to a Police Officer following a traffic stop on County Way near the intersection with Bridge Street. Officer Thomas Nolan was monitoring traffic on Bridge Street at approximately 4:00pm when he observed a Gray Infiniti travelling at a speed higher than the posted 30 M.P.H speed limit, he also believed the vehicle’s tint was under the legal limit. Officer Nolan, proceeded to conduct a traffic stop on County Way and identified the occupants as Dejesus, and Delgado-Peralata. While questioning the occupants of the vehicle, both occupants provided documents with false identities on them. Officer Nolan believed the driver identified as Dejesus had secreted drugs in his mouth. Officer Nolan also observed Delgado-Peralata attempt to stuff several small white items into his mouth that he had cupped in his hand. Officers recovered 6 small clear plastic knotted twists containing a white rock/ powder substance believed to be cocaine. Also recovered were 2 cell-phones and approximately $470.00 in cash. Officer Michael Backstrom assisted in the arrest


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