Beverly Police and Community Advisory Committee seek nominations for Community Police Officer of the Year.

Community Police Officer Award The Beverly Police Department and the Community Advisory Committee are seeking your assistance to select a Beverly Police Officer, who has contributed significantly to improving Issues of Public Safety or Quality of Life within the City of Beverly during the past year. To be awarded in June of 2017 at the Landmark School.

Nominations should include: Name of Beverly Police Officer being nominated, Brief rationale for this nomination, Contact Information of person making nomination. Email above information to Sergeant Phil McCarthy

Deadline for all nominations Friday May 19, 2017

The Beverly Police Department Community Advisory Committee (CAC) is an all-volunteer committee representative of the City of Beverly which is intended to foster and facilitate communication and understanding between the Beverly Police Department and the community. It is dedicated to improving the quality of life in the City’s neighborhoods. Our goal is to identify and prioritize community needs and concerns, as well as recommending measures for addressing them to the Police Department. We feel that by developing a partnership between the community and the Police, citizens become educated on police practices and the Police Department becomes better informed about the community.

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